Yellow Tulips
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The Power of Cheerful Thought _72dpi_30c

The Power of Cheerful Thought - Triptych  (2020)

charcoal & acrylic on packing paper

Yellow Tulips - drawings #1 & #3  (2020)

Untitled acrylic on canvas  60 x 156 cm_

Yellow Tulip  (2020)

Lino Cut on tissue - 

Framed Print 28.5 x 33.5 cm     £50(framed)


Yellow Tulips are said to represent cheerful thoughts.

The cheerfulness of the colour yellow, embodied in the Tulips, represents the power of the process of thinking positive, cheerful thoughts, altering neural pathways and patterns of thinking over time, improving perspectives and bringing beneficial changes.


Lily - B&W.jpg
Lily (Yellow). print.jpg

Lily (B&W)
ink & pastel on paper

Lily (yellow)
ink & powder paint on board                

Vase of Flowers series

A series of paintings completed c.1985.

Water based paint over silk screen using fallen petals from the flowers in the paintings

Vase of Flowers #1 - Edited.png
Vase of Flowers #2 - Edited.png
Vase of Flowers #3 - Edited.png

Originals - Not For Sale.  

Available as Print copies. 

Please contact for further info.

Vase of Flowers #4 - Edited.png