In the Eye of the Beholder 6.7.20 300dpi



Exploring the psychological aspects of the masks we use in everyday life, hiding and protecting our true selves and presenting a façade that helps us navigate the world.

Eye of the Beholder  (2018)

Blue Mask - Back Lit.jpg

Only Skin Deep  (2018)

ItS - Back Lit.jpg

Integrating the Shadow   (2018)

ItS - Reverse - Final_72dpi_20cm.jpg

Integrating the Shadow  (2018)

Reverse side



These pieces are representations of scars that are left behind by emotional, physical and psychological wounds.


A scar is evidence of the healing of a wound - even the smallest physical scar can have a memory attached to it's creation, it's size has no bearing on the emotional and psychological impact it may have, adding to the perceptions and misconceptions that we have of ourselves and how others might see us.

Where the Light Gets In - Rumi (2020)_72dpi.jpg
NicoleAntras_Where the Light Gets In (detail).jpg

IWhere the Light Gets In   (2020)  - Detail

Latex & mixed nedia

IWhere the Light Gets In - Triptych   (2020)

Latex & mixed nedia

Manifestation of Healing_72dpi_30cm (w).jpg

Manifestation of Healing - Triptych (2020) 

charcoal, hessian thread, wire

Hessian Scar #1_72dpi_20cm.jpg

Hessian Scar #1  (2020) 

Hessian Scar #2 6.7.20_72dpi.jpg

Hessian Scar #2  (2020)